MNQND voor de mode bewuste vrouw!



Wat hebben wij u te bieden:

* Cosmetische manicure en pedicure

* Prachtige en exclusive nail design en nailart

* Prachtige 3D - 5D wimper extensions

* Haar extensions (weaven of met ringsysteem en pruiken)

* Verkoop van diverse haarbundels " Remy haar"

* Diverse workshop voor nagelstylisten


Dry or spaManicure

New service in our salon " Dry or deluxe manicure service" With nail or gelpolish finish touch.

Stiletto workshop

Nail form classes. The stiletto nail is a nice nail shape for the elegant and extravagant woman. For more information, check on our page classes

Handpainting workshop

Handprinted classes in several levels and design. More information on the page classes